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  • How to convert your printer
  • How to how to print and create various products
  • Master designer software such as Canva, Illustrator, and Inkscape
  • How to buy designs
  • Where to sell
  • How to sell
  • Learn how to price your products, troubleshoot common problems, and more!

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  1. My Pricing Calculator for free
  2. Free access to 300K PNG design files ready to use
  3. Free Quarterly LIVE meetings to keep you motivated and informed
  4. Free priority messaging to get your questions answered within 24 hours

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Uninspired by Your 9-5?

If you are a creative mind who loves making beautiful things, but you feel uninspired by your current day job – you are not alone!

Five years ago, I was exactly where you are now, and getting out of bed seemed like more effort than it was worth... Until my sense of adult responsibility kicked in. Unfortunately, I had bills to pay that weren’t going to evaporate into thin air – as much as I wished they would! 

In time, I began to realize what it meant when people said that if I do what I love, I’ll never feel as if I’ve worked a day in my life. That was when I decided to double down on my efforts to launch my own sublimation business.

Today, I couldn’t be happier with where I’m at in life! I absolutely LOVE what I do, and there is no turning back! If you want to do the same, let me show you how!

The Right Tools AND Thinking to Get You Started

If you didn’t have the responsibilities you do, would you still choose to spend most of your waking hours doing something that doesn't fulfil you? Trust me, I get that the majority of the working adult population has financial commitments they need to meet, but if you could do what you love for a living, what would you choose?

Subbing Amiga Academy


Real Stories of Success: Hear How Subbing Amiga Academy is Making a Difference

With hard work, determination, and the support of Subbing Amiga Academy, these individuals demonstrate that anything is possible and no dream is too big. They are proof that success stories do not just happen on paper, but in real life. Your success story could be next!!!!

Win Your Independence

The secret sauce here isn’t a new job, but securing your independence. Having this option is beyond empowering, and I want to share that gift with you. Sure, there are gigatons of information on Google, but that’s just the problem – not a lot of this is accessible or easy to understand!  
That’s why I created the Subbing Amiga Academy. Unlike some “similar” courses out there, you’ll walk away armed with practical information that is relevant to YOU. Walk with me, and I will help you launch your own sublimation business!

Here’s What You Can Expect

Welcome to the Subbing Amiga Academy! I can’t tell you how happy I am to share my knowledge with you. Here, you will learn everything you need to launch your own sublimation business, instantly, easily, and confidently! 

Meet Your Instructor

HOLA! I'm Irma Medina

Did you know that I once spent my days as an aircraft Technician? My toolbox was much different from the one I use today. For 14 years, I helped make aircrafts safe and repaired those monstrous machines. I thrived in an industry that was not meant for women. I was intentional about keeping my hands soft and my manicure fresh so that I wouldn't forget that my superpower is being a woman. I absolutely loved putting on my uniform and grabbing my wrench and tackling my days.

However, I began to realize that I was battling more than just airplanes that needed repair. I was facing burnout. My chosen career had become a job.

I was faced with a life changing decision. Continue to clock hours and go home or create a change for myself.

Now I spend my days creating, helping dozens with their sublimation businesses, along with still running my sublimation businesses.

Let's create beautiful things together!